Traditionally, most people think of the seasons as Autumn is September, October & November, etc..  however, if we want to get really technical the seasons change because of the sun.. 

Why do we get seasons? 

Planet earth is on a tilt. Therefore different regions are pointed closer to the sun that others. It takes 365 days to orbit the sun.

In June, the north pole is pointed more towards the sun, therefore June, July & August are warm in the northern Hemisphere.

The tilt does not change at all, merely the location of the hemispheres.

When are the seasons? 

Spring: Spring Equinox till Summer solstice

Summer: Summer Solstice till Autumn Equinox

Autumn: Autumn Equinox till Winter Solstice

Winter: Winter Solstice till Spring Equinox.

Spring Equinox: March 20-22

Summer: June 20-22

Autumn: September 20-22

Winter: December 20-22


The sun shines directly onto the equator, and the night and day have equal length. There are two every year, Spring and Autumn.


The sun shines the furthermost away from the equator. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and the Winter solstice is the shortest.

I personally, abide by the seasonal calendar. The weather does not simply change overnight, but it gives a good indication of whats going on with mother earth., and our universe.


Hi, & Welcome.. 

This is Me.. and this is my Blog.
This Blog is about the seasons. Food, Cooking, Crafts, Gardening & general Lifestyle. It’s about getting back to nature.
I live in the UK, so the seasons will match the northern hemisphere. Currently, It is the End of Summer, with the Autumn Equinox just around the corner.

I have an allotment, admittedly, I am really lazy at keeping the weeds away, but with new seasons, there are always new opportunities.

I love to cook, and cooking with seasonal foods, tastes better and is cheaper. Some recipes will be from recipe books, but I will be creating my own as well.

I have a pet dog called Scruffles, who is just adorable. I may be biased. I will be making some healthy doggie recipes, which scruffy will be reviewing later.. img_3200-1

I will be giving tips on how to celebrate the seasons inside your own homes with tips on Hygge, all year round, home made crafts, and a little bit of magic.

I’ll also been giving Money Saving & Weight loss Tips as I go along.

I’m really hoping to green up my ways!! Recycling the old to make new, using small businesses, seasonal food, and halfening my carbon footprint..